who we are

Carrac Capital Partners is a private investment firm focused primarily on opportunities in the $1 million to $20 million valuation range.

Carrac is built upon the solid foundation of a team that brings decades of experience in the management, structuring and capital investment of multi-location retail, franchise and operating companies. Carrac’s principals bring together these experiences coupled with skills and knowledge from very distinct areas:

  • Operations and management
  • Real estate investment and management
  • Financial and capital resources
  • Capital structuring and investment banking

Because of these combined experiences, Carrac can identify, evaluate and move to closing on transactions quickly, efficiently with creativity in structuring transactions. For each transaction, we provide:

  • Financial partners with significant capital resources looking for long term value creation
  • Analytical capabilities from a group of seasoned transactional managers
  • Operational competencies in profit improvement and restructuring

Our Story

In 2012, Carrac’s principals worked together on a transaction where they created significant value through a creative and resourceful approach. In doing so, the five founding partners realized their various experiences combined could create long term value working together in future transactions. It became clear to the partners that melding together the skills, experience and knowledge from three different sides of business would serve to form a solid foundation upon which we would base our success.

With that background in mind, we established the firm that we call Carrac Capital Partners. Carrac is an ancient Irish word that means rock, which for the firm’s partners, represents the rock-solid foundation that is the basis for the firm, investors and our investments. Always looking to leverage our combined experience and skills, all three groups pulling together from a rock-solid base, as a group we will be successful, stronger as a team than separate.

The triskelion or triskele symbol of three interlocking spirals is an ancient Celtic symbol. Most notably it appears on the entrance stone to the Newgrange prehistoric monument in County Meath, Ireland which was built around 3,200 BC. For the Neolithic people of Ireland, the symbol is thought to represent the Land, Sea and Sky. Later the symbol became a prominent Christian symbol representing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. For us it represents the coming together of three groups from different disciplines to form Carrac.