what we do

Carrac Capital Partners invests in multi-location retail concepts, business opportunities and real estate that we believe will generate long term value.

We are looking for opportunities in:

  • Franchise operations available for sale or restructure
  • Concepts with franchise development opportunities
  • Operating companies needing a rebranding or new strategic initiative

Targeted Investments:

Carrac Capital Fund I – $5 million

Carrac JV Fund – Up to $50 million.

Where We Invest

  • Acquisition range from $1 to $20 million
  • Franchise businesses; QSRs, casual dining, gas station/convenience stores
  • Variety of brands and concepts
  • No restrictions on number of units
  • Real property assets; fee simple and leased
  • National scope with ability to acquire companies in secondary markets


The triskelion or triskele symbol of three interlocking spirals is an ancient Celtic symbol. Most notably it appears on the entrance stone to the Newgrange prehistoric monument in County Meath, Ireland which was built around 3,200 BC. For the Neolithic people of Ireland, the symbol is thought to represent the Land, Sea and Sky. Later the symbol became a prominent Christian symbol representing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. For us it represents the coming together of three groups from different disciplines to form Carrac.